Digital Signage

What are Digital Signage Solutions?

Marketing experts and companies in general have embraced new technological advancements in an effort to get more customers and increase their sales. Digital Signage Solutions have played a major role in marketing efforts recently, and they are those digital, and more often than not, colorful screens used in major public areas to publicize certain products, ideas, and services.
Digital Signage Solutions are visible in most public areas within metropolitan cities today, this includes malls, streets, hotel lobbies, etc. Compared to other marketing methods, digital signage has proven to be cost effective as the audience will be exposed to targeted information that is controlled over time.

How Do They Work?

There are four main components in digital signage. These are – The display panels- A central server- A PC or laptop (with Media Player) – A cable or wireless network- Software
The way it works is that the central server provides the media player with the information that will be played. The next step is that the images or video on the laptop gets displayed on the panels. The cable or wireless networks are needed for the communication between all devices. A content management software is also needed in order to either create, update, or retire the existing content that’s being showed on the display panels.

Why Would You Need Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is a highly effective tool for delivering a message or set of messages, you would use it to:

  • Attract customers- Make them remember you or your products/services
  • Get your brand exposed to a large number of people
  • Deliver any type of message to your target audience

Digital Signage can prove to be a cost effective and scalable solution for your marketing needs. Get in touch with us to check out how we can help you out.