Headend Devices

What are Headend Devices?

Headend devices are central master devices that have the capability to receive broadcast signals, decode them, multiplex and encode them then distribute them over cable systems. This is ideal for closed networks found within hotels or managed complexes. At RPS Technologies, we specialize in implementing Headend Devices throughout the hospitality sector.

How do they work?

A headend device can provide a wide range of functionality such as demodulation, message accountability, re-timing, contention control, access to a gateway and diagnostic control. They manage physical or virtual devices that are referred to as headend managed devices (IPTVs for example)

It is also possible to use internal protocols to target changes made to the high end at particular headend managed devices. LAN (Local Area Networks) and MAN (Metropolitan Area Networks) and other networks require headend devices to be the central control, whereas a cable headend is located at a cable TV office and is responsible for originating and communicating the cable television’s services. In cases where internet access is also provided by the cable company, the headend will include the databases and computer systems necessary for their customers to access the Internet. The actions can be summarized as reception of signals, processing of the signals, modulation and subsequent distribution.

A Single Master Antenna Television (SMAT) receives and rebroadcasts Satellite TV channels within the confines of a particular property or premises such as apartment complexes, motels, hotels and commercial properties on one satellite feed. It consists of one antenna or unit located outdoors that feeds multiple indoor units. People, clients or visitors within the premises will then be able to access the distributed services on their devices including television sets and mobile devices once they are allowed access. The accessible channels however remain independent to each device that is accessing the satellite feed. Aside from the standard headend devices available, it is possible to get a customized bespoke device that is specially tailored for particular requirements.

Why would you need them?

Headend devices are distribution centers whose purpose is to distribute signals for receiving devices to access. A digital headend will provide the base that is necessary to deliver a wide spectrum of services. This is valuable when coupled with the fact that they are low maintenance and do not require regular configuration and the constant presence of a person to run. They offer scalability, flexibility, and manageability to provide high-speed services on demand. The high capacity also means that there are more options and more information can be received and broadcast at a lower cost.

At RPS Technologies, we specialize in implementing various Headend Devices for hotels as these devices are critical in streaming TV channels to client’s rooms.