Successful system integration is the result of a solution that is designed to be flexible so as to adapt to market changes, have low maintenance costs, be reliable at all times as well as providing a transparent and consistent experience to the end user.

RPS Technologies can design solutions with existing system components, planned additions and provide both vertical and horizontal integrated systems.

Understanding the key aspects of project management is at the core of what we do. From assessment of which systems are currently in place, assessing the integration and inter-operability challenges that may be faced, to developing and evaluating integration and inter-operability solution strategies.

As a service provider, we also understand that the support of the systems, although an obvious component, is often not taken into account or built into the design of the solution. Using best practices, we can develop support plans bespoke to the solution ensuring that uptime is maximized whilst keeping required resources, and spares inventory minimized.

Project management processes, tools and practices give high visibility to all aspects of the solution, whilst in depth knowledge of integration with other providers or existing systems ensures that risks and issues are quickly and effectively dealt with.

RPS Technologies can include other vendor’s solutions in its scope or provide a standalone project management for any sized project.