IP Networking

What Is IP Networking All About

Put in plain and simple words IP networking is all about using the internet technologies for better and more cost effective internal networks. When comes to the hospitality sector, hotels used to have several types of cabling laid out within their infrastructure. This included cables for telephones, others for TV, even a third type for internet. With IP Networking, it has become possible to offer all these services in addition to many others through one single type of cabling infrastructure. This is what has come to be known as IP Networking, where the underlying network supports different types of services and allows for expansion of offerings at low costs.

How does IP Networking work?

IP Networking is based on the technologies that have powered the internet over the past couple of decades. It all has to do with the protocols (or communication languages) being used by different services utilizing the same cabling infrastructure. This allows a hotel to use the same physical cables for their phone systems, TV systems, internet guest services and many upcoming technologies. In simpler terms, a hotel’s phones, TVs, access control, cameras WiFi are all using the same cables to work.

Why would you need an IP Network?

The hospitality industry is becoming highly competitive therefore there is a need to invest in technology where the recurring costs are reduced. There might be an initial cost when upgrading an old network, however looking at superior customer satisfaction and overall efficiency levels it makes perfect sense to go in for it. Investing in an IP Network makes it possible to bring data transfer, information transfer, VOIP all under one platform. Making the entire operation seamless and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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